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Paul W. Rankin   •   Slato (aka Benjamin Fitzpatrick)


its more than just music

Its an experience // the whole // multi sensory // where light, sound, spaces and people create a unique atmosphere // greater than the sum of the parts. To create these immersive experiences, Argo has the pleasure of collaborating with numerous talented local artists including film makers, visual artists, photographers, writers, curators and more. Read on to learn about the artists we are collaborating with in 2017.



Keegan Nicholls


My name is Keegan, I'm a 21 year old photographer based in Brisbane, Aus. My love for imagery, light, and storytelling lead me to pursue my passion wherever I found myself. My style is very much influenced by the dark, desaturated, moody look of negative film. My love for film also drives me to look at the world differently. Before the age of instant photography, the expense, and intensive processing of actual film meant a moments in time felt more precious, more unique. I shoot far less images since getting into film as I've become more aware of those fleeting moments of beauty in the world. I think everyone would do themselves a great service to take their time in all things amidst the chaos of the modern age.


Kit Mason.jpg

Kit Mason

video artist

Kit Mason is a Brisbane based video artist. Her work is highly processed and layered; an attempt to build an immersive world surrounding musical performances. She is a regular collaborator in the electronic music collective Oscilloscape, and has designed installations for QUT, Brisbane City Council and Metro Arts.



Bec Todd

designer, video artist, VJ

Bec Todd is a Melbourne based designer, video artist, VJ, and founder of the Sloe Motion collective (Est. 2013). The collective's body of work explores the construction and deconstruction of dynamic images derived from static subjects. Bec has provided visuals for festivals including Yonder, Sonic State, 2high Festival, and 4Senses and collaborated with numerous musical artists.



Paul W. Rankin

filmmaker, live visuals

Paul W. Rankin (b. 1984) is a filmmaker and video artist based in Brisbane, Australia. His live visual practice employs layers of continuously mixed video to create a space that hangs in the balance between the abstract and representational. His visuals are created from practical effects, using no CGI. He has collaborated with world-renowned musicians and sound artists including Lawrence English, Norman Westberg (Swans), and Heinz Riegler. His work has screened in Australia, Austria, Germany, Serbia, and the United States.



Slato (aka Benjamin Fitzpatrick)

electronic + video artist

Slato is an electronic artist working within the disciplines of glitch and 'vee-jay' - meaning to apply the same craft of a DJ to visual content. He started out making making 'chiptune' on his Nintendo Gameboy and with that portfolio, was accepted into QUTs Sound Design strand of the Fine Arts degree. Upon completion he gained an understanding of the relationship between image and sound and has continued to explore the idea of 'glitch' as a reminder of imperfections in a digital world. His approach is using the hard-won knowledge of obsolete hardware and software to create reactive art, challenging the idea that our old devices and childhood toys are just mere souvenirs of the past