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music for two pianos + large spaces


Queensland Art Gallery
10 September 2017  |  7pm

Viney-Grinberg Piano Duo

expansive, shimmering, ecstatic, contemplative :: infinity invites you to lose track of time, enveloping you in a world awash with vividly coloured sound

Inspired by the works of celebrated artist Yayoi Kusama, infinity is a lush meditation on the perpetual, repetitive, reoccurring, and all-encompassing. With the waters of the QAG’s Watermall filled with Kusama’s iconic Narcisuss Garden, a vast instillation of hundreds of floating mirrored spheres, the audience becomes surrounded in sound, with pianos on either side of the waters, featuring Brisbane’s own virtuosi pianists, Liam Viney and Anna Grinberg.

Dazzling and transfixing, the night explores various incarnations of musical minimalism, coupled with live-visuals by local filmmaker Paul W. Rankin. The program includes John Adams “opus-one” foray into minimalism, his powerful piano solo masterpiece Phrygian Gates, an insight into the “pre-minimalist” tendencies of Erik Satie, Connor D’Netto and Ben Heim’s the post-minimal two piano study of reverb and distance Music for Large Spaces, and a new work for two pianos by Alex Turley.

$30 General Admission  |  $25 QAGOMA Members

Doors 6pm • Concert 7pm
Cash bar available

Connor D'Netto + Ben Heim   Music for Large Spaces
Erik Satie   Gnossiennes
John Adams   Phyrgian Gates
Alex Turley   Kusama's Garden*

Paul W. Rankin   live visuals

* World premiere, commissioned by argo in 2017

approx. 70 minutes total running time

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